We Got Robbed in Barcelona!

A beautiful city itself, yet full of surprises.

So yeah, you planned a wonderful trip to Spain and certainly can’t wait to enjoy the sun there during winter break. The day you arrived, everything seemed so beautiful and breath-taking. On the third day, BOOM, while waiting for the bus to Andorra, YOU GOT ROBBED!

How awful can anything get worse?!

Well, that’s what happened to my friend and me when we were there!

Barcelona is definitely a hunky dory place to go for a holiday. It’s tremendous to see the Basilica de Sagrada Familia that has been building for over 100 years and still under construction. Also the first to be listed in the UNESCO before even being finished building. Wherever you go, there’s always something that surprises you at the corner. I just simply love strolling around this amazing, stunning city!

So how in the world did we get robbed?!

It happened early in the morning around 6am on the 4th day of our trip, we went to Sant Bus Station to catch our bus to Andorra. Everything went well, we got our tickets, put our luggages in the bus, and just wanted to get a bottle of water from a vending machine next to the stop. A man walked passed us and suddenly shouted at us in Spanish, which I can hardly understand (I thought he was drunk!). He then pointed at the back of his coat and pointed at me from behind. My friend took a look at my coat and found a big pile of liquid stain on it! I was like “Whaaaaaat?!"

The guy came up and started handing us tissues. I was cleaning my coat and my friend was cleaning his (he also got poured but not as much as mine). I was quite alerted while the guy was helping us and I was looking after my backpack and phone. Later, the guy finished his tissue and left. We were still in shock by this incident and went on the bus. It was until then that my friend realized his crossbody bag was gone!

The guy that seemed to be “helping" us was just a cloak for his partner to cut and steal my friend’s bag!

My friend ran down the bus to catch the guy, but he was long gone! I went into the bus station to ask for help and to see if there were any cameras around. The lady at the front desk was nice and told us to go to Sant Train Station as there is a police station that we can report to.

Of course we weren’t able to catch the bus we were suppose to, so she told us if we need a refund just let her know after we get the police report.

Going to the police station was another nightmare!

We went to the police station around 6:30am and believe it or not, it was closed! WHAAAAAT?!

The Police Station that’s closed in the train station.

How can a police station be closed? What if someone is attacking another with a knife or gun? And there’s no one to help you, because it’s closed! Later, I did see some police patrolling around and I asked them for help, but they just shook their shoulders and said wait until 8am for the police station to open.

I can’t believe it! How can a modern and civilized country like Spain have this kind of policies? Is it because it’s too safe? I don’t think so! It really amazed me how these government services work here.

Finally around 8am two police came and we explained our situation. They let us in and started asking us questions regarding of the incident. We asked the police that we wanted to see the CCTV because we were very curious how another person snapped my friend’s bag, but the police pretended that he didn’t understand and just ignored us. This makes me think (maybe I’m wrong!) that maybe those robbers are probably hooked with the local police.

Anyway, the whole process was such a disaster. We finished the report around 10:30 and went back to the bus station to see if we could still go to Andorra without a passport; it was weekend and the embassy in Madrid is not opened until Monday, so we decided to stick to our plan. The lady was nice and confirmed for us, then told us it wouldn’t be a problem as long as we have the police report with us.

So we still had a great time in Andorra, trying not to think about how miserable to lose everything. But hey, at least we’re still safe and sound! Right?

Yet, seriously, getting robbed or stolen in a foreign country is not fun at all! Always be aware!

Well, always learn from your lessons. And still enjoy the trip!

Author: Migi Tso

I'm a person with action. Love traveling and meeting people all over the world. Also a peace lover. A teacher who loves to be with students and learn from them. I have been teaching for 13 years since undergraduate and still continuing to gain more to help students and educate them. The world is full of adventure and backpacking is the only way I get deep into understanding different cultures. So, my backpack and I are always exploring new countries. So far I've been to 58 countries but numbers don't really matter, it's the passionate heart that does. My life is like wind, I was born in Taiwan, spent my childhood in Paris-Texas, teenage year back in Taiwan, studied my master in Edinburgh-UK, lived and worked in Gaziantep-Turkey for 5 years, and now currently living in Germany. Just can't get enough of my adventurous life! 我只是一位愛旅行的老師,在旅行中體驗人生,從教書中認識文化。目前旅居德國,但不知下一站會在哪。


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